Kosher Smut by Jayde Blumenthal

jaydechainwordsOooh… you found my official page.  Welcome.

You probably know by now:  I love writing kosher smut and sharing it with you.

What do I call what I write? Jewrotica?  Biblical bumping?  Hassidic humping?  Prophetic porn?  I have no idea, but it’s fun to write and I hope fun for you to read.  Who says smut has to be mindless?  Why not dive into an ancient and exotic culture, and have some dirty fun at the same time.

I’m almost finished writing Hassidic Heat, the last book in the Hassidic Passion trilogy.  It’s about a nice Jewish wife who writes about sex.  The first two books are already available on Amazon, so head on over and get started reading so you’ll be ready.

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2 thoughts on “Kosher Smut by Jayde Blumenthal

  1. Hi jayde, I’m from australia and I so enjoyed your stories! the one about beryl & rashy even bought a tear to my eye (really!) It made me think of touching the void – the hassidic movie. Keep going girl I think you’ve got a gift for this! I’d send a story to i read their reviews and they like new authors so its a great way to get noticed? I’ve just started writing a little myself…


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